Apr. 4th, 2011

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Swatching has been happening. I've been through a bout a half dozen yarns, first to get the pattern worked out, then I lost all my notes and found them, and the last while I've swatched in three different yarns to try and figure out gauge and likely best yarn for the project. So far, it sucks, a lot. I've been second-guessing myself left and right.

I spent a lot of time snapping photos of the screen tonight while pausing the HD broadcast and now I think it might be made with a 1-ply worsted, like Noro or Lamb's Pride. Fnarr. It would certainly block better than acrylic, and I really really hate knitting with acrylic.

So I need to drop 25 bucks on enough yarn (no, I can't afford Noro, so it's going to be Lamb's Pride, which I used to crochet with a lot and don't hate) to try to swatch something that will work right in pattern AND look right when blocked, with the dense spots and open spots. Hmmm. Maybe Malabrigo Merino Worsted Semi-Solid, in Sealing Wax. Good yardage/cost and colors.

Also, while I have a lace pattern that knits up correctly top-down, and I have a YoSaffBridge scarf pattern written in that stitch, I ALSO have one that knits up correctly bottom-up and I think it'll be more straightforward to knit the triangular shawl as a bottom-up thing. Maybe. I'm not sure.

*tears out hair*

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