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I already have niche-famous parents, and friends with real-famous parents. I think I'm happy with the ones I have, because fame is no gift. Famous parents are still just parents, except that the "----------'s daughter/son" bit sticks with you and isn't just from your family and their friends.

Now, would I have loved to have been mentored by a well-known or lesser known gifted person? YES. I have a list a mile long of who I might have wanted to meet/study with. None of those people would have been good parents to me. Teachers =/= parents.

Also, if the real question is which wealthy people I would have wanted to have as parents, it's not money that matters to a child, it is love and interaction.
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Seriously? Nothing much. A temporary secretary hardly has time to learn how to do things in a day. Nothing worth mentioning can get done in government in less than a few weeks.

Presidents and Prime Ministers merely GUIDE the governments they administrate. They have limited direct power. It's like steering a hot air balloon, not driving a car.

You must be thinking of Dictators, or Emperors, or Kings. Those whose power is supposed to be absolute.
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Fund starting a self-sustaining gardening cooperative in an empty lot.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Yes. I crashed it, it's my fault.

But I've been the hypothetical friend-who-owns-car in this circumstance, and I had to pay for all the work to my car. Having been on the other side of this, I'd absolutely take responsibility.

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