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...because I'm not panicking. Logistics is my balm, apparently.

So far, I've:
  • Gotten Chris to give me a copy of his web orders (no hardcopy orders yet, we get those monday)
  • Called all the utilities to find out what the base fees are (we are leaving them active, but shutting everything off for safety)
  • Cancelled our homeowner's insurance with Allstate and purchased an absent-owner property policy from USAA, as well as renter's insurance and a new (California) auto policy.
  • researched moving options, and reserved a upack trailer that will be here Tuesday.
  • gotten the TMO paperwork faxed to us, so we can fill it out and fax it back, and get our reimbursement forms.
  • budgeted for the drive out, with a layover at the inlaws'.
  • arranged for my older boy to visit relatives in Michigan until the day before moveout, so we can pack.
  • worked out what we can take and what we are selling or leaving here (might be selling the couch for a couple hundred bucks)
  • Found a new home for our squeezles (cry). They have a new mom who is giving us 50 dollars to defray costs (she gets all their squeezle stuff, too.).
  • shopped around for boxes that we can purchase locally, got the best prices and made sure they had them in stock.
  • cancelled the old health insurance, since we have tricare.
  • contacted the historical society to let them know what was going on and that I can still do my job from 2000 miles away.
  • Called the satellite and phone companies to arrange moving (not cancelling).
  • priced out and budgeted for buying replacement furniture from IKEA since we aren't taking the couch, the crib or our Giant Bed.
  • Laundry. All of it.
  • notifying the local constabulary that the house will be vacant, and arranging for our neighbor, two friends, and my mom to have keys for checking on the place.

Still to do, of course, is cleaning up the cellar so I can store stuff we are leaving behind, breaking down the break-down furniture, sorting our and the kids' clothes, actually buying and packing the boxes, putting storage stuff in the cellar, cleaning up, "weatherizing" and closing up the house. We have to figure out how to eat all our perishables and what to do with the extras.

I have files that will go with me in a tote, with duplicates in the truck. I'm tracking estimates, saving receipts, figuring average costs of gas plus a bit. I'll be checking mail from Chris' laptop.

Al this in four days. Of course, I haven't washed the dishes for a bit, either.

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