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I am rapidly accumulating all the parts, bits, peices and tools needed to make us superbad geeky Mando'ade gear before ComicCon. Skateboard helmets, belt pouches, those boots I ordered back in feb, boots for C, sign plastic, lots of fun glues, more toy guns than you can shake a stick at and a big box of random parts of stuff. Fabric is happening soon. More random parts will be bought at Fry's and the hardware store (yay random parts bins! yay fastener dept!), t-visors will get ordered in a couple of weeks.

This might even happen. Scary, no?

I've got chestplate patterns roughed out and pinned on my dress clone, and you know what? It looks damn weird to have a big, flat, card tamplates pinned in two spots over the rough copy of my pectoral projections. She looks like a giant cardboard beetle, preparing for flight. Let's just say that the male medium armor plates are inadequate to cover large boobages. I've added 50% more area and I still need to add a bit more to make them larege enough to work.

I'm even speaking some of the language. I caught myself telling BabyJ "Nayc! Nayc!" instead of "No! NO!" I'm screwed.
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I've finally gotten off my ass and am starting the long process of building Mandalorian armor for C. Materials are ordered, other materials are on a long and intimidating shopping list.

Would be easier if I hadn't allowed us to have a deadline.

We're going to ComicCon. I haven't even been to a con for years, much less allowing myself to cosplay.

Oh, did I neglect to mention that I'm leaping in and making it for BOTH of us?

I be crazy.

How crazy? I'm scratchbuilding all the armor and both helmets, so it fits.

Way crazy.

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