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Finished armor enough to wear.
Checked into hotel and drove home (see Friday).

C had to attend training that was scheduled the previous day. Meh.
FX went to stay at freind's house for the weekend. YAY!
Got backed into on our way down, missed Mandalorian Wedding.
Got lost on way from hotel to convention center. Duh, Extra mile.
Arrived late enough we never got a program.
Found and scared a few old freinds anyway. (waves at E and L)
Never located anybody else, though. Boo.
Had dinner with everyone from Mando group anyway.
took lots of pictures of everyone.
Went to Toys R Us, in armor, were last in line, got four toys. *
Spent an hour BSing in the parking lot with a couple of people.
Fell down.

Fixed armor issues. (_yay_)
Feet hurty. Pedicab yay. $
Arrived at con LATE.
Had zero chance to actually shop, because we were photo magnets.
Got snapped by Seth Green! Wee! Didn't bother him, because he deserves to get to be a fan, too.
Wandered up to the Masquerade, saw the group costume of All the Doctors, a Tardis, and I think the Companions. At least a few, anyhow. It was like a school tour. *wee*
Met some cool local gamer costume geeks like us. Even wrote down emails.
Got asked to warm up the bored photographers while they waited for the Masq costumes to slowly trickle out. Apparently we looked good, or maybe it was the baby:
"BEST cosplay prop EVAR!" - some random catgirl
More pedicab yay on the way home. $
Food, snoring.

More armor, getting MUCH better at application routine and quick fixes. Up and out in an hour, including repairs and baby-hoisting.
Marched down to Convention Center. Ow.
More photomagnets.
Found folks from Mando Mercs. Stopped to chat.
Baby decided to climb my head and throuw a tantrum.
Discovered I can strip out of armor far enough to nurse in the Exhibit hall food court at SDCC if I am facing a screaming violent toddler.
C exited to check out of hotel and bring me street clothes and the stroller. Also bringing car closer than a mile away.
Finally found fan tables, stood around, Was greeted by c with my clothes!
Changed, got cookies, coffee.
Went to much closer car, went to denny's. Is any con experience complete without an after-con IHOP/Denny's/greasy-spoon split-check dinner fest? No, I think not.
Took hilarious photos in the parking lot. I can do QUALITY zombie eye when it's called for.
Came home.

Not yet fallen down. Have stuff to do. Photos tomorrow...
Anyone seen photos online of a red/black/grey Mando couple with a kid in grey pack carrier? It might be us. We have no photos!

*Star Wars BATTLESHIP! Wee! I look forward to playing it. We will UNWRAP IT. TASTE THE BLASPHEMY. It tastes like FUN.

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