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I've decided to roll much of my LJ over to my blogger blog. Everything will stay here, but I'm copying over all the public content, except for the really fluffy meme stuff, and some selected bits of the friends only stuff that I am comfortable with making public. All the personal stuff will stay over here as well. If you are only here for the baby stuff, the personal things, or the whining, this is where it will all be :)

It's just started, I have a couple months from 2003 done so far. It's going to be slow. VERY slow.

I have also rolled all my other blogs into my primary blog. There's no reason to keep them seperate now that tagging works so well. I eventually plan to bring all the content from my old personal website over there as well, and maybe making pages for certain stuff (Costuming! Parenting! Etc!) as well. I'll be duplicating some posts here and there, of course, but it's over here if you like subscribing to feeds:

I'll be putting my PDFs and other downloadable stuff on Scribd, I think, so I won't have to host it on a website, so my old personal site on 50megs will be going away.

It'll be so much easier to keep track of it all. Yay!

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