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Since last episode:
We left FX with his grandparents and drove home. Got home last Wednesday, worked our asses off getting the house clean. Chris took the Postal Service exam Thrusday. Thinks he did pretty well. We saw Star Wars: the SUCK to 'celebrate', then had to rent movies to get the bad taste out of our brains. Ummm...worked our butts off.

We went to R and A's house and helped them clean stored furniture, pack their truck and move. I got a harrowing, blistered, purple sunburn. Chris went with R in the truck, and I went home to meet FX, Chris's parents, brother and niece when they arrived. Then I bundled everyone off to R and A's new house to see the fireworks (their town did them Saturday). Built R's new kettle grill, made burgers, watched fireworks, home by 1:30 am. FX loved the fireworks.

Uh. I don't remember much of Sunday. I was in pain. I didn't sleep. I do remember that FX was very happy to finally be home! Oh, yes, we took everyone to see the museum a few towns over where my 1860's dress demo doll is displayed, and also to the old state capitol. I washed our car.

Still in pain. It rained. A lot. Missed local fireworks show, as I just needed to die and had not been able to sleep for 2 days. Chris said FX liked the fireworks but was too close and got scared. Mom and I saw them from our yard anyway.

In car all day, going on a sightseeing tour with the in-laws. Poor FX was basically strapped into a carseat all day long, as we merely drove by most things. We got some very cute pictures of him pointing by the Lewis and Clark Boathouse, though.

FX got his third haircut ever, and looks more human now :) Chris took his folks to drive through a local historical park, by special appointment (his parents are both disabled). They took lots of pictures. I stayed home and made chili, and sent in my class info for KWCS.

This looks like a "What I did for summer vacation" paper. I think I'm going to need a vacation after this visit :P

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