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Yesterday, we were at Ikea, to purchase other furniture. Which is pretty much how it always is - you go in for x, and come out with x (unless x is out of stock), plus, y, z, and v. Anyway, we walked through the kids' section and saw that Ikea had pottychairs back in. Unlike the old ones, these are white, and I think the design may be different, though I've never seen one of the old discontinued design. It cost us about 3 dollars, and it therefore a winner in the price department.

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Other differences: The construction is a little bit lighter than the BB potties, but it's a similar type of plastic, and has the rubbery nonslip strips along the bottom edges, like the BB potty chair. The bowl portion is larger and very round, which could be an issue for very small or slender toddlers, and I would not suggest trying to use it as a seated potty for a small baby (in Infant Potty Training or Elimination Communication) because of the bowl size.

However, its round shape makes it much easier than the BBLP to hold between a parent's legs while sitting on the floor or in a chair, so holding baby over the potty would actually be more comfortable than with the BBLP. it's comfy enough that I was able to try it out with my big guy and he didn't mind.

So, because our large (about 35 inches tall and 29 lbs) 20 month old is very happy with the Ikea potty, and it's so inexpensive, we will buying a couple more, to a total of three (one for each car, and one for the third bathroom which has no baby potty yet).

ETA: Ikea LÄTTSAM Child Potty model # 901.254.54 16962 (Made in Latvia). The potty is NOT on the Ikea website (I searched several different countries), but you should be able to call your nearest store with the model number to find out if it's in stock.

ETA again: You can see it on the website now. Thanks [livejournal.com profile] fishonabicycle

ETA 4/10/2009: My son is now over 2 and a half, still tall and heavy (almost 40lbs) for his age, and he still uses the Ikea potty, though he has pretty much outgrown the BBLP. Just an update to let everyone know how long it's lasting us. I think he'll be using it as long as he uses the BB potty chair.

ETA Jan 2010:

I will not approve any comments that include descriptions of children's private parts. I had to delete a comment today that purported to be from a concerned parent, yet it repeatedly described intimate parts of a child's anatomy. Do not even bother to submit comments of this nature.

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