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He let go of the couch and walked across the living room on Friday, a good 6 to 8 feet.

Of course, every time I get the camera out to film it, he sits down or drops and crawls. Kids know how to be infuriating from the very start.
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James Edward was born on the 17th at 2am on the dot, weighing 7 lbs 10 oz and measuring 20.5 inches. His Apgars were 8 and 9 (first and second evaluations). He's doing great. He has dark reddish hair (FX had light reddish hair) and dark eyes, which may well mean that he gets brown eyes.

The birth was unmedicated and I was sore (well, I still am) for over a week afterward. My OB was great, I only tore a little bit, and my stitches are healing just fine. I've been coping with healing and a visit from my in-laws, which is why this is so late.
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That fairly well covers it. I'm so unhinged from the relaxin that I can't really get any sleep until I become exhausted, so I mostly sleep between 6 and 11 am. Bleh.

Still contracting regularly, though, now that I'm fully off the meds, they are certainly much more productive-feeling. I achieved about a 6 in the discomfort scale (which I, being ultra-macho about pain, tend to keep seperate from the pain scale. I'm Soooo Butch.) yesterday.

However, being off the meds and at 37 weeks as of today, I can now freely move about the surface of the planet again, which really ought to speed things up a bit. Mom, grandma and I are planning a day trip to do some shopping/walking about tomorrow, which, again, ought to get things going further, provided I don't pop tonight.

In other news, the Doglet is larger, long and skinny, and at 4 months old should be going to get her next round of pup shots Real Soon Now. Her training is proceeding apace, and we're going to get her chipped and fixed in few months. FX is also larger, longer and skinny, as is appropriate for a 3.5 year old child, and is developing quite nicely. He's all about helping with chores this month, which is awfully nice in theory, but this too shall pass. The house otters (aka The Weasels) are also doing quite well. The house is effectively stalled, though, pending the birth and the availability of my Sainted Freinds to help (not overly shockingly, there are Many Family Commitments on most weekends in June to which we will lose our social group's various elements). I'm trying to talk my brother K into coming to visit me (and family) and thereby gaining some more experienced carpentry hands on The House. Mom's even offered him money.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Okay, that was an OW. I expect another OW in about 5-6 minutes. Wish me luck.
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While my upper half still fits into normal sized clothes, my lower half was still hovering at the top edge of "barely normal" before this pregnancy. What this means is that, while I have a raft of maternity tops, I have precious little in things to cover the bump and the butt.

Oh, yes, I'm showing already. At 2 months, and actually for a couple of weeks now, and that, in combination with constantly-sickness means I cannot stand to have anything pressing on my belly.

I still have my trusty boxers and pj-pants, but what am I supposed to wear out of the house? It's REALLY COLD here, and I have not a shred of insulating clothing that I csn squeeze over my middle.

Why am I bitching? I'm supposed to go to a movie with Chris tonight and I literally cannot find enough to wear to go outside. Shorts are NOT going to cut it.
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I'm sick. Morning, evening, afternoon and night. Everything, as of yesterday or the day before, now smells foul, some things taste okay, but I can't tell which they'll be by smelling them, and they change from day to day. All forms of nutrition now completely put me off. Yesterday, I managed to eat some nuts, a cup of broth, a sandwich made of chicken and cheese on wheat bread, some soy-chai-vanilla shake thing and a small part of dinner. Dinner, which was roast beef, a small potato, and several sauteed mushrooms, tasted as if it had been liberally soaked in maple syrup, which I despise.

I feel like a water ballon that's being vigorously shaken by a small, angry child. With an alka-seltzer tablet in it (I'm as gassy as if someone carbonated me). Lying down is uncomfortable, sitting is ...vile, standing is sort of okay, if the air is right. We won't even talk about sleeping.

Mom says it is a really good sign that I'm "Good and pregnant." Grandmother said that she was like this throughout one of her preganancies (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Nooooooooooooooo!). I jsut hope I get a baby out of this, because if I go through this and miscarry....

Doctor appointment tomorrow. We'll see.
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Cup o' Noodles. Not actual cook-it-in-a-pot ramen, which can be made to resemble something vaguely wholesome, but instant noodles.

Why? Why can't it be a normal craving, like pickles?

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