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This morning we saw the hive of gentle honeybees that lives in the northwest corner soffit of our house split off a small daughter swarm. They settled down on a maple sapling to wait while househunting. They've been scouting all afternoon for a new home. I'd never seen it happen before, and it was COOL. Mom was lamenting the fact that we don't have any beekeeping equipment. Always practical about stuff like that :)


Packing. Partway done. Need to do some laundry.

Mentally preparing to give back car, making appointment to do so (waiting for call back). Check.

Finding and packing stuff for event. Very minimal. Will be Very Weird to go to an event without the Seraglio, my Spiffy Tent of Doom. Wah. Have decided to go Romano-British, since it packs smaller (Several lengths of cloth, a tunica, and lots o' jewellry, oh, and sandals, too). Found out we are borrowing an earth-pimple from the in-laws. meh. Can cope - at least we get to go.

Have paperwork ready, have FX's stuff ready (he's going to stay over for a couple of weeks with his other grandparents, so we have to have paperwork for him, too). Check.

Have snacky-food for the trip, so we don't have to buy food. Check.

Trying to keep myself from doing non-essential crafty shit. Very Hard. Ngh. Want to do non-essential crafty shit.

And I need to get the flarke off the computer, as I have now done everything I need to do on it. Sigh. Bye, timesuck.
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My mom saved a little turtle (well, it was about 8" long, once it stuck its tail out) from the road and we waited to make sure it was ok, then mom let it go in a nearby stream. It was a painted turtle, we think.

Cute little guy, brilliant red markings at the edges of his upper shell and all the soft flexible skin in between. He looked for all the world as though he was wearing a black and red striped turtleneck :)
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Anyone want some ladybugs? No, really. Drop me an email, I'll herd some of the stupid ones that insisted on coming inside for winter instead of hibernating into a box and send them to you. They'd probably appreciate it.

I'm thinking of making tiny curios as well, as our room is littered with tiny pinkish corpses (they fade when they die). Right now it's also CRAWLING with a couple of hundred live ones. Those are the ones that survived the winter.

They're cute when there are one ... or two ... or ten. Just now I hate them.

We're considering carnivorous plants.

In other news: Mom caught stomach flu, and so did Chris, and then my back went out (but it's back now). Unpacking continues, though at a pace that is roughly equivalent to that of Arctic explorers slowly starving to death.

More later.

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