WTF lj?

Aug. 31st, 2010 11:31 pm
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No, REALLY. Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot? DO NOT WANT.

I'll probably be making all freinds-only posts, or just plain taking them down for now. I have everything archived up until very recently. I have a dreamwidth account, I just have to go poke it and get it ported. Too late, too tired.

Geez, LJ. WHY?
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So, watching it. Late, as usual.

Hrm. Not nearly as "OMG! SO ACCURATE!" as everyone had been raving about.

Now, it's a good story, of course, just as the Cadfael books/television series are (they are vastly different stories). The costuming is ... okay. It's not quite The Dirt Ages, but there are all kinds of "WUT?!?" moments. There's an equal amount of Random Burlap and Silly Court Clothes, and some bizarre hair, and the Mandatory Vaguely Hippie-Dreadlock Witchy person. At least it's not so heavy on the Giant Blanket Stitches like the costumes in Cadfael, or TOO heavy on the Dirt Ages aesthetic.

It seems like a decent story, I'll give it a chance, but I dread seeing clothes made after this series.

ETA: Looking at the costumes again, I think it's the idea that everyone below Baronial level was unable to have their clothes hemmed that makes me go "gah!" I hate the Ragged Raw Edges look. Almost more than the Giant Blanket Stitch look.
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Okay, if anyone tried that swatch with me last night, they most likely came to the same conclusions:

1) Design is WAY too small. Might be good for a mini version, but SO not for the real thing.
2) Rib separating the stripes was FAR TOO WIDE. it needs to be maybe 4 stitches wide.
3) I need to proofread.

So, I got about halfway through the swatch last night, thought all these things, made a grumpy face and frogged back to the eyelet border. Then I had a Moment of Inspiration and just played around with the yarn for a bit. I'm going to wing a full repeat, while making notes, and then I'll put together a one-width scarf pattern for those who want it, just to tide folks over until I can produce a pattern that makes sense.

At this point I'm thinking it's a double YO (that's purled/knit on the ws row, not treated as a single stitch), because I tried that last night with good effect. It looks almost exactly right. BUT... I haven't done a whole repeat yet, and I don't know if it's shallow enough or wide enough.

what I got out of the swatching process so far, though, is a better idea of what I need to do to reproduce the stitch pattern used in the shawl.

I have some spinning to do, so it's time to get off the computer :)
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Huston, we have Swatching!

Right now I'm only concerned with recreating the pattern on the straight grain and testing my theory on the border. If you want to knit along with the crazy woman, here's my test swatch pattern #1:

There are a total of seven eyelets in each openwork chevron, and the scale is VERY large, given the size of the strands you can see between them. I have two theories on this: larger needle than would normally be used for the size of yarn used, OR double YO that are treated as single YO in the next row. I'm thinking full size it's sport or worsted on fat needles. I have some 11s and some really fat ones that I can try for actual size with after I figure out the pattern. For the moment, though, I'm swatching for structure.

I'm making two swatches, and one will have a simple yarn/needle size discrepancy (fingering and size 9 needles) and the other will be sock yarn, 9 needles and double YO.

Swatch one:

This has two full repeats of the chevron pattern, straight grain, so that I can figure out how deep to make the solid chevron between open repeats. it starts with the double-eyelet foundation row like the shawl.

Using fingering yarn sock yarn, cast on 31 sts on a size 9 needle.
Purl all sts first row and every odd row.
Row 2: K2, (YO,K2tog) 13 times, YO, K2.
Row 4: K2, (YO,K2tog) 13 times, YO, K2.
Row 6: Knit all sts.
Row 8: K4, *SSK, YO, K5, YO, K2tog*, K5, repeat *to*, K4
Row 10: K5, *SSK, YO, K3, YO, K2tog*, K7, repeat *to*, K5
Row 12: K6, *SSK, YO, K1, YO, K2tog*, K9, repeat *to*, K6
Row 14: K4, *SSK, YO, K1, SSK, YO, K2, YO, K2tog*, K5, repeat *to*, K4
Row 16: Repeat row 10
Row 17: Repeat row 12
Row 18: Repeat row 14
Row 20: Repeat row 10
Row 22: Repeat row 12
Row 24: Repeat row 14
Row 26: K7, SSK, YO, K13, SSK, YO, K7
Row 28: Knit all sts (not sure about this row - may be too much for the solid chevron!)
Even numbered rows 30-50: repeat rows 8-26
Row 52: Knit all sts
Bind off, wash and block with pins. I think it might block out to a non-rectangular shape.

ETA: It may be a flattened version of this, too, with double YOs and 2x as many stitches width, but I haven't charted that yet.
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Seriously? Nothing much. A temporary secretary hardly has time to learn how to do things in a day. Nothing worth mentioning can get done in government in less than a few weeks.

Presidents and Prime Ministers merely GUIDE the governments they administrate. They have limited direct power. It's like steering a hot air balloon, not driving a car.

You must be thinking of Dictators, or Emperors, or Kings. Those whose power is supposed to be absolute.
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So, I've got this wild hair ... to redact the shawl worn by the character who uses the alias Saffron in the "Our Mrs Reynolds" episode of Firefly.

Things I've figured out, so far:

Definitely knitted. some variation on Triple Chevron Lace (one version, another version). Most likely a top-down knit, from the stitch pattern. Scale suggests it either uses big needles or multiple YO to make the big eyelets in the openwork chevrons.

There is a 2-5 stitch rib between the vertical pattern repeats (on the "up" points), but no rib on the "down" points.

I think there are 15 tassels, but there may be as many as 17. I have to figure out how many repeats are in the shawl. Each vertical repeat = one tassel.

It has an edging/foundation of two rows of eyelets, possibly all the way around the shawl. I have to get crazy with the remotes and the zoom to be sure, but it looks like there are either two rows of eyelets OR a partial pattern repeat at the bottom (two chevrons instead of three).

Likewise, I need to examine the shots of the shawl to see if anything suggests a center rib, because right now I am thinking not. Even though it would make sense with this pattern. Hmmm.

Possibly not a pure triangle, just going on the stitch pattern and how it fits into the pure-triangle sketch I have made. Need to make another.

This promises to take ages, BTW. Suggestions welcome for what you see in the shawl, if you have any ideas!

hot water!

Aug. 3rd, 2010 05:48 pm
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Well, less awful than I first thought. The hot water heater was off because the gas went off overnight sometime, and they shut off or something when the pilot goes off. A guy just came by to re-light it.
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I decided to just put them up, since it is so much easier to manage them over at Scribd.

Here is the widget from Scribd with an auto-updating list:

ETA ARGH. It's invisible. Awesome. It's not blocked by adblock, I checked (really, lj? Why are you trying to sell houses to me?). Hang on.

Until I get this worked out, here's the direct link to my Scribd profile:

ETA again. Deleted the widget. It uses javascript, and Scribd doesn't have any other option for linking to the set of handouts. I'm annoyed at both sites now! Yay!
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So, today I am putting out a call for questions regarding bliauts, handout requests (a few are available online, but I have to mail or fileshare the rest), etc.

If anyone needs or wants copies of my handouts (these are the same ones from KWCS a few years back), pleasego download from (free, may ask you to register) or convince me to post them at Scribd (I have an account and have not yet posted anything). If you have the handouts and want to pick my brains for stuff not in them, please ask!

Direct links to the pages:
Introduction to 12th century Western European Clothing for Women and Men
Serpentine Braids or Straight as a Scabbard: Women's Court Hairdressing in 12th Century Europe

I have a couple more that are not yet online, and one that is a handout version of the Adventures In Dagging project, done for a workshop. I will hunt those up and mail out copies on request.

I am also considering reworking my old "bliaut handout" into a more updated version, with the cheats (shortcuts in girdle making, mostly) as a separate section. Any interest?

I am duplicating this post over at my blog, so if you subscribe to it as well as here, ask in one place or I might get confused ;)
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My life is really boring. I have kids, I don't get much opportunity to do anything of any interest to other people, and they've only just gotten old enough that I can start costuming again. I don't want to bore everyone with news about my rugrats, because I know how much everyone hates that. I don't post often because there just isn't much to share. I get fewer opportunities to read lj, so by the time I get a chance to reply to other people's posts, what I want to say has already been said.

Apparently I post too infrequently, because folks are unfreinding me. I guess it looks like I lurk, or whatever. People I thought had been friends with for years.

This turns out to hurt. A lot.

I guess I deserve it.

I'm sorry.
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Fund starting a self-sustaining gardening cooperative in an empty lot.
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I'm curious - how many times have you had to respond to the census this year? For us, it's been several. We have filled out and mailed the forms, had people come to our house, had the census bureau call us ten times or more to check this thing or that, and double check the forms.

That makes at least four or five times, and they've left DOZENS of robo-messages for us "Please respond to the US Census! We will call again at a better time." Or something. I just roll my eyes at the machine and delete them.

WE ALREADY DID. GAH. Several times. What do you people want from us? *crazyface*

I've been through it (and the interim fill-out-a-form, get used to the idea of a census, thingy) a couple times now as an adult, and I've never had to deal with anything more invasive than filling out a form and mailing it in. I'm beginning to realize why they are so unpopular with some some folks.

I get fewer calls from my mom. And she usually has a real reason to talk to me.
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I've decided to roll much of my LJ over to my blogger blog. Everything will stay here, but I'm copying over all the public content, except for the really fluffy meme stuff, and some selected bits of the friends only stuff that I am comfortable with making public. All the personal stuff will stay over here as well. If you are only here for the baby stuff, the personal things, or the whining, this is where it will all be :)

It's just started, I have a couple months from 2003 done so far. It's going to be slow. VERY slow.

I have also rolled all my other blogs into my primary blog. There's no reason to keep them seperate now that tagging works so well. I eventually plan to bring all the content from my old personal website over there as well, and maybe making pages for certain stuff (Costuming! Parenting! Etc!) as well. I'll be duplicating some posts here and there, of course, but it's over here if you like subscribing to feeds:

I'll be putting my PDFs and other downloadable stuff on Scribd, I think, so I won't have to host it on a website, so my old personal site on 50megs will be going away.

It'll be so much easier to keep track of it all. Yay!
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So, I've been using my wee netbook Pandora instead of the Household Desktop for several days and I keep forgetting my lj password when I have it on. Something about the act of turning on Pandora just causes it to exit my brain. I've been catching up by backwards surfing my friends page, so, my apologies for the zombie comment notes some of you are getting :)

I've been using the netbook because I've been working on making a Cunning Hat in my spare time. I found this very Costumer-OCD analysis of the Hat. And lots of other resources, including this knitting pattern and this more-like-a-recipe one both of which I probably should have also used as additional references.

I decided to use several balls of Knitpicks Palette I had in the yarn hoard and multi-strand it. So far so good. I elected to MAKE a set of size 10.5 circulars because I hate waiting, I know how to make circs, and I despise the cables on all but a couple kinds of circs. My favorite cables are on my homemade needles, anyway. And, see? They're even pretty!

The awful reality of this is that I can't, cannot, just CAN NOT, seem to do anything the easy way. I apparently must HACK EVERYTHING, especially if it has an existing, perfectly good counterpart or decent, easy instructions.

After all that, I worked up one version of the hat, all except the pompon, found it too bright, tea-dyed it, found it lacking, and frogged it. No photos.

I had to small-batch overdye my yarn because it Wasn't Quite Right. *rolls eyes at self*

Got all he yarn dyed to my satisfaction, prepped it into groups of three strands, balled up each color set prestranded (Orange-ish, yellow-ish, rusty red-ish), and finally knitted it up, AGAIN. I even made the ridiculous pompon.

It looks pretty good. But, wait for it:

I didn't fit the thing to Chris's head when I was knitting, and discovered that it's too small. By about, perhaps five stitches in every direction. DER. No photos. He looked even more ridiculous in it than he was supposed to.

I get to start over.

Good thing it knits up fast. Sigh. And good thing it's easy to frog.
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My favorite character from Firefly is Jayne Cobb.

Chris is letting me talk him into a Jayne Cobb costume.


Knitting a Cunning Hat. BRB.
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I've started to get the Extra Fun reaction to even the smallest trace amounts, like not scrubbing the griddle completely clean after making an egg for the kids. I mean completely clean, stripping it in case of any residue. If i cook for me, it's got to be a seperate pan.

I had some spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's tonight. I thought they were safe because the regular chicken nuggets are egg free. No. It's just a trace amount, a tiny bit nearly at the end of the ingredient list, but it's enough to make me ill.

I A year ago I could still eat mayo. Three years ago I could eat egg white omelets. Five years ago I could still eat soft cooked yolks and things made with eggs. Seven years ago I had just found out I couldn't digest egg yolks that had been hard cooked.

It's time to get a skin test.

I miss eggs.
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Just saw this, thanks to netflix.

It. Is. SO. BAD.

Also: Rip off of When Worlds Collide. With practically zero character development and some of the shittiest science I have ever seen in a disaster movie.

Finally, formulaic. The President goes down with the country. The crazy guy leaps into the volcano. Airplanes are volcano and building proof, LA slides into the sea with barely a gas explosion, and and and.


Finally, here's the kicker:

The end of the world will solve global warming!

Excuse me, I need to go hurl.
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In fandom, it is "canon" NOT "cannon." ARGH.

Unless you are firing cannonballs at something. And only then.

That is all.
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So. Today I had to clean out the fridge, as we did The Big Grocery Expedition yesterday and said appliance was no longer organized to my satisfaction.

We had two bottles, partially filled, of milk (whole and 2%), which were due to go off tomorrow, but still smelled fine and tasted okay. We have already replaced them, and the new ones were set on their sides, which makes me nervous. I decided to make some paneer out of the old milk.

So, I scalded my milk, did cheesemaking things with it, and ended up with a large jar of nice warm whey. After I pressed the cheese and put it up in the fridge in a bowl, I added a bit of yeast and some flour to the whey, and made a sponge, with no plans as to what use I would put it.

A couple hours later, the sponge burbling away happily, and it's time to plan dinner. I think, "Hmm. Bread product. Dinner. Hmmm."

Pizza! Some rooting through the freezer for a plastic box of leftover spaghetti sauce, hopefully with meat in it ensues, it gets set aside to defrost (this will fail), and then set about rooting for the rest of what I want in the pizza dough. Several clouds of flour, two sticky, dough clubbed, hands, and an adventure in opening an olive oil bottle with my teeth later, I have a nice doughball.

That rises for an hour and a half, gets a good punching down, and I end up having to divide it, and freeze part of it, because I have no intention of making four pizzas today. Check "defrosted" sauce. Which isn't.

Swearing, followed by emergency nuking of the sauce while I preheat the oven and play with dough to get it to do what I want. On goes the sauce, "Oh, there's meat in here, AWESOME!" and then the cheese, with diced garlic on the grownup pizza, and into the oven.

From cleaning the fridge to pizza. Whee, what a ride.

Need to do more dishes, sigh.
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Not my favorite day ever.

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