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I talked to mom yesterday, and she told me that her tomcat, Pougie, had not bounced back from his latest fighting-related infection*, had gone into irreversible kidney failure and had to be put to sleep. Mom held him and he purred and went to sleep.

I loved that little guy. He was a nearly-year-old kitten when I was pregnant with my first child, eight years ago. He was so smart, and a great little fuzzy guy all around. he was a great little companion when I was on bedrest with my second child, too.

I wish I could have said goodbye, but we're half a country away from mom now.

Nine years old, nine major infections. I guess that bit about nine lives is true. Goodnight Pougie.

*He was fixed, but the vet thinks that the previous vet had not done a very good job because Poug just didn't act fixed. And that was what essentially killed him. He'd fight, get an infection, hide it (because, you know, "tough guy"), and need to be hospitalized for a week. He could not be kept indoors. He'd open doors or chew through screens to get out. He was determined to use those nine lives, and he sure did.
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