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It was written by the man who wasn't actually my grandfather, and finished before he passed away. His wife, the lady who isn't actually my Grandmother, but might as well be, has gotten it published, and I was asked to build a website to help promote it.

The book is called Heaven's Pavement, and it's about WWII. It's a pretty powerful story. I'm still reading it, because I get so little time to read with the chaos of life anymore, and because some bits of it are intense enough to make me need to pause for a moment. Also, I think there is an element of not wanting to let the story be over.

The website I worked on is here: http://heavenspavement.com/index.htm It's been live for almost 2 weeks.

It's pretty much done, but this is why I abandoned my blog and any serious posting anywhere since, oh, September. I was coding and pushing pixels back and forth and trying my best to make it worthwhile. Being asked to do such a thing for someone you love is both an honor and a labor, because the worst critic is often yourself.

Some genuine compliments on the site were communicated to me today. I think I've done okay. I hope so.

ETA: GAH. Cut and paste fail, discovered days later via casual mouseover. I feel like an idiot combined with an asshole now. Awesome. Fixed now, as if anyone will know.
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