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Hello to any new folks who have come by to see what I have to offer! You will find that this is a strange mix of a personal journal and a blog. A great deal of my early thoughts on costuming and craft stuff does percolate through here, but a lot of what I say here is friends only or private. All of my costuming info is public, and will be duplicated, eventually on my public blog. Please feel free to friend me, read for a bit, comment if you like, and if we seem to be doing well as a acquaintances, I might friend you back.

If you are looking for my costuming handouts, they are freely available for download at Scribd, and I have a lot of additional content elsewhere. Please see the links list for where you can find my public web content.

Social networking: I'd be honored if you'd follow me on blogger, Scribd or twitter. I'm going to be adding more handouts and updating old ones, as well as bringing all my old sites' various content over to the blog and updating it, so that would be the best way to find out what's new.

Regarding Facebook: While I am on facebook, I try to keep that personal, for keeping up with IRL friends and family. If you do find me on facebook, I may not accept your request unless I have a good idea of who you are. My twitter is much more public, so I'll be posting costume and other public stuff there.

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